Environmental Research & Consulting

Dr. Anna Frank PhD provides expert consulting in the fields of Environmental engineering, risk assessment, water resource management and protection, and all issues related to hydrology and climatology. 

She has had almost a decade of research and teaching experience at Faculty of Technical Sciences in the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and has contributed to many papers and conference presentations, most recently two papers presented in Sept 2016 in Calgary at the UnderWesternSkies Conference , “Large Scale Rainwater and Flood Water Harvesting” and “Defining Drought—A Case Study”. 

Her latest paper just published in Atmospheric Research is titled "Influence of mathematical and physical background of drought indices on their complementarity and drought recognition ability".  Please contact us if you'd like a copy.

She currently works at the Water Institute at the University of Waterloo as well as providing consulting services for Dufferin Research's environmental studies.

Her published output includes such diverse and interdisciplinary topics as : 

Geo-Information Technology for Disaster risk Assessment

Modern environmental science- projects as way of communication between scientists and society

Biohazard waste management model

Transport velocity of persistent organic pollutants through atmosphere

The impact of titanium dioxide industrial on the environment

Greenhouse effect and climate change

In addition to her academic work she has managed several multi-countries projects funded by the European Union. Her work as an environmental consultant for Dufferin Research complements and expands upon her continued academic research and project management. She is also an amazing R programmer.