Qualitative Research

Dufferin Research now offers Qualitative Research with our strategic partner Batool Batalvi.

Batool is both an experienced qualitative researcher, and a registered pyschotherapist. She uses a psychodynamic framework that integrates psychotherapeutic approaches, to contextualize human experience with the objective being to help conceptualize & appreciate the multi-dimensionality of consumer schema which can be distilled into a rich, strategic template.

In using a psychodynamic approach the guiding principle is that there is a ‘dynamic’ relationship between the conscious and unconscious motivations that underlie human behavior, cognition, personality and emotions. 

Philosophy -the unconscious is linguistically structured. ‘Language’ is our tool for thinking, experiencing & communicating.

Belief -there are many possible truths. We continually strive for meaning, and tell ourselves stories in a virtually uninterrupted monologue, to re-construct our ‘self’.

Approach-empathic conversations. We scaffold conversations for dominant & subordinate storylines that create movement in the landscape of ‘identity’ & ‘action’ for collaborative knowing.

Method – pivotal moments of transformation. Learning occurs via ‘dialogic mutuality’ by externalizing conversations, separating from the ‘known & familiar’ moving towards the ‘possible to know’.

Technique-the absent but implicit. We unpack problems & develop ‘thicker’ storylines, that render alternate solutions to a person’s values, hopes & life’s commitments.

Self-agency -re-authoring stories. When people engage in a different ‘telling’ & ‘listening’ …new meanings, ideas and possibilities present themselves, along with a willingness to change.

She applies a 5KEYS™ Diagnostic Tool to unlock the five key dimensions to hidden consumer truths:

1. Cognition -automatic thoughts, mentalization, cognitive distortions, trade offs, key influencers… impacting thought processes

2. Affect -underlying feelings, moods, motivations and intuitive gut-feel

3. Behavior -actions & reactions, in-home & in-store behavior, precipitating factors, tipping points… purchase decision

4. Physiological Response – Sensory reactions, sensates, body language, facial expressions… (real or imagined)

5. Personality -predominant personality & cultural traits, both overt and covert tapped into by the category / brand including cultural archetypes

Please contact Rick Frank for quotations either as part of a Qual/Quant mixed project or qualitative-only.