One of the key take-aways from the Carbon Economy Summit in Toronto on June 6th was talk by Dr Bair Feltmate of the University of Waterloo where he declared that debating whether climate change was real was a mute point. Actions to reduce carbon in the atmosphere can be mitigated, and perhaps we can delay the severity of the effects, but it's a done deal. Climate change is here, we can slow it down, maybe, but the point where it could be stopped is past. It was refreshing to here as this has been my opinion for quite some time.

So we need to deal with adaptation. And while Dr Feltmate didn't put it this way my sense was that if you live in low lying areas, you'd better start building your dykes now if you want to avoid swimming down main street later. For more details about the speakers and the conference content see .

Ana Pavlovic of Dufferin Research (our resident expert in the science of climate chnage) will also be attending the WaterSummit in Calgary on June 28th.

In addition to the science about Climate Change, there is also the important business of doing the public opinion research necessary to develop the polices needed by governments and corporations to get on with the business of adapting to climate change and mitigating the effects as best we can. And of course this is what we do.