The Voyageur OMNI has just had it's two year anniversary. Among every wave of 1200 completed surveys of this omnibus study, we have been tracking social networking activity in Canada.

In September of 2007, if you recall, Facebook was just taking off world wide. Access to the general public happened in Sept 2006 and the opening of the Facebook API to allow third party applications happened in late May 2007.

RT: @randapp: Right tool for twitter marketing

Tools like these are what is WRONG with much user activity on Twitter & other Social Media - Robots are not SOCIAL (I really shouldn’t have to say this).

So I've been reading Presentation Zen and very much like the concepts.

In practice I know when I do this for my online research course the college is going to rattled by the "unconventional" slides. They expect the standard document style death by PPT format. Not happening. I'm planning on rocking the boat.

They will largely be images with a short captions, something to anchor the story I want to tell. Nothing more.

I felt my ZQ - zen-ness quotient - rising as I typed that :-)

So I've caught up on my newsfeeds, social networking chit chat, I fixed a server, we have groceries, guests are on the way for dinner (we have to decide where to go), we have beer & wine AND it's stopped raining.

MRA's Alert! Magazine September 2009: The Virtues of Consistent Bias: Online Research Must Move On, by Steve Gittelman and Elaine Trimarchi

The original article can be found here. I highly recommend it.

I like this article because it deals with reality in the Market Research industry today, and it does so concisely. The old paradigms need to be replaced. Sampling theory based on a world that no longer exists is pointless and I think harmful to the industry as a whole.