In March of 2019 we will be bringing on new DELL servers with solid state drives and more RAM to increase throughput to replace our trusty but now aging Linux production servers (which will be moved to non-production roles). We will be running RHEL 7.5 and multiple virtual hosts running several versions of Linux. Thoughout 2019 we will be finishing the upgrades and hardware replacement started last year.

Our data centre will remain in Ottawa where it has been for over a decade for the foreseeable future. Time to clean up the cabling in the server room!

There will be no down time in data collection. The new servers will be brought on line prior to retiring the old servers, and all data will be synced prior to switching traffic to the new machines.

We are still committed to locally stored data within Canada. We believe this is a better way of securing proprietary client data than somewhere in the cloud, where we cannot maintain we truly know where the data resides, or how many copies have been made. That being said we are not by any means technological Luddites. The cloud is great for public data and raw CPU processing of real-time data, however we need to have strict knowledge of where all data we manage (original and backups) resides. This certainty we cannot ensure using cloud storage.