The theory of everything discussed over breakfast

Is this normal breakfast conversation in your household?

Inspired by a recent NOVA show on blackholes, we started with it must be wrong, black holes cannot have a linear plane because gravity is omnidirectional, so a black hole must be a circle pulling from all directions.

Then popped up magnetic fields and how blackholes must have them and if that is true they have an electric current as well (rotating magnets), so the gravitational wave recently recorded (and mentioned in said NOVA program) may in fact have been an electro-magnetic pulse.

From there we discussed the purpose of black holes, which led of course to the origin of the universe, and whether in fact we have multiverses and we can only perceive our universe (much debate why) and then to infinity which no one really understands and yet came up with a conclusion.

The universe is finite, not infinite and exists in NOTHING (no matter/no time/no energy/no borders/no anything – THAT is infinity). Pass the bread please.

The universe is (or multiverses are) something and anything, the rest is nothing. I’m good with that.

So the origin of the universe, the creator if you will, is when the source of everything, the original something became aware (logic) that it was NOT nothing and became everything (big bang).

All religions are based on the idea of a unity with the creator (god) and we are part of this creation. Physically this is true, we are all created from atoms of the original singularity, and when the universe (or multiverses) finally collapse and again coalesce into a singularity again (what black holes likely are for), we return to our “maker”. Then we repeat over and over again, forever.

There were also discussion of the binary nature of everything, logical yes/no and electrical plus & minus, and how these are innate properties of the universe which you will have to insert into the discussion somewhere.

We ate fresh bread from Cob’s bakery, with smoked meat, double smoked bacon, aged gouda, and assorted other things and had coffee.

How was your breakfast?