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MaxDiff Design & Analysis: Dufferin+R vs. Sawtooth

Our analysis of MaxDiff (design and analysis)

Decades of research have already gone into understanding the process of 'vernalisation', how plants sense periods of low temperature, and 'remember' this information in order to control the timing of flowering. It ensures plants avoid flowering during the destructive winter months, and instead flower during the warm spring and summer months when they have ample time and sunlight to produce seeds.


Understanding vernalisation is therefore of vital importance to the success of commercial crops such as oil-seed rape and broccoli, among many others.



Many of us spend a lot of time at work, so it can help your sense of well-being if you’re doing something that makes you happy. Work doesn’t have to be just a means to an end, it can be something that makes you feel proud and good about yourself...

One interesting finding was that 65% of people in skilled jobs were happy in their work, compared to 58% of people in professional jobs. So it appears that having a practical skill and using it can play a big part in the amount of job satisfaction you feel.


Working for yourself also got the thumbs up, with 85% of self-employed workers saying that running their own business made them happy, compared to 58% of people employed in full-time jobs.

The survey also revealed that the other main factors leading to happiness were getting on well with colleagues, having stimulating work, liking your work environment, managing your own workload, and doing something worthwhile and useful.


Between September 27th to 30th, Dr. Anna Frank PhD., our resident expert in the fields of Environmental engineering, risk assessment, water resource management and protection, and all issues related to hydrology and climatology (as well as our R guru) will be presenting TWO papers at the Under Western Skies Conference, hosted by Mount Royal University in Calgary.


She has had almost a decade of research and teaching experience at Faculty of Technical Sciences in the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and has contributed to many papers and conference presentations. Her published output includes such diverse and inter-disciplinary topics as Geo-Information Technology for Disaster risk Assessment, Modern environmental science- projects as way of communication between scientists and society, Biohazard waste management model, Transport velocity of persistent organic pollutants through atmosphere, The impact of titanium dioxide industrial on the environment and Greenhouse effect and climate change. In addition to her academic work she has managed several multi-countries projects funded by the European Union. Her recent PHD thesis included the development of a new drought index tool based on physics rather that statistics


Her work as consultant for Dufferin Research complements and expands upon her continued academic research and project management. Please join us in Calgary in September for what promises to be an excellent conference.



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