Dufferin Research had been specializing in online survey programming and the hosting of both stand alone custom research projects and continuous tracking studies for more than a decade. The firm was established in 2000 to provide these specialized services to smaller Market Research firms and consultants. Dufferin Research now deals with a wide range of clientele from international research organizations, to direct research buyers and users from global, national and local businesses and organizations (including NFP), in addition to our original target market. 

 When Dufferin Research started online research the industry was in its infancy. If you were online, dial-up access was the norm and rich media referred to the television networks. Fast forward a decade and internet based research is now the dominant data collection methodology globally. Today, broadband access and the use of rich media (in the form of video, audio and high resolution graphics) are the norm. The new frontiers are in mobile computing and semantic technologies. 

 The data collection services at Dufferin Research follow industry best practice principles. The data is collected and stored within Canada. We can certify where the data is physically stored, where the backup copies are, who has had access. Moreover we can destroy any and all copies of the data upon request. Data stored in a cloud computing environment with head offices in foreign countries can offer no such guarantees.