I found this survey to be pleasant to complete, I really like and appreciate surveys with auto advance, it shows the surveyors appreciation of a persons time and shows interest in implementing technological advancements

t seemed smoother than most surveys that I have taken and appreciate that I got to participate.

It was awesome not to have to press the advance key every question. First survey for me done like this.

No the questions were simple and easy also the app is user friendly

No, very well conducted, interesting survey! Fast moving and not too complicated.

None but thanks for the invitation to this survey! The automatic advancing to the next page after most questions is greatly appreciated. I did not have to press the next button very many times.

I like your auto forward option after clicking a choice on a question. Very phone friendly

Loved the ability to be able to go back to a previous page. So many online surveys do not allow that.

Really flows to the next question, I liked that!

Flawless, thank you.

I enjoyed the questions and the way survey was designed

i loved how this survey moves

I loved the speed at which the survey processed information.

No further comment, but I'd like to say that of all of the surveys that I've ever completed or attempted to complete, this survey was the best layout and/or format that currently exists. 99% of all surveys that I've been part of cause varying degrees of extreme frustration, this survey easily falls into the prestigious 1%er's club of frustration free surveys! Thanks

No I like how smoothly the survey worked.

Nope it was perfect and no glitches!

nothing that I can think about but this was a very good survey that I took and very well put together.

Very good survey Moved fast and was interesting.

Everything was pretty clear and the survey was well structured.