This strategy is intended for all residents of the municipality and potential investors who plan to start-up or expand operations in cooperation with local farmers and investors who are planning to develop their business activities in the Municipality.



It is a comprehensive study. In the first part of study gives an overview of the state of agriculture and rural development in the Republic of Serbia, with specialreference to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union. The second part presents the strategy of the Municipality Kanjiza, its position and its potential with reference to the condition of rural areas and the situation of current food and agriculture production. The report for the municipality Kanjiža included  a SWOT analysis which will become the basis of which decisions are made with regard to Kanjiža's strategic goals in the areas of rural development and agriculture.


The strategy will require further elaboration of the action plans either on an annual or multi-year level. Establishing clear parameters monitoring the implementation of the strategy will contribute to the creation of modern rural areas of the municipality and to create more spacious living conditions for residents.